When your jewelry/gem appraisal work takes you out of your store or office, there is nothing that beats the 35-year history of the Portalab’s dependability and usefulness. It has been tried and tested by thousands of clients world wide.

Price: $6000.00


  •  Leica SZ-6 with 15X eyepieces which gives the user a zoom range of 10X - 60X.
  • 2x adapter lens – doubles magnification to 120x
  • Fiberoptic light source – provides darkfield illumination or transmitted light.
  • Polarizing attachments – allow for setting up a polariscope or polarizing microscope.
  • Fiberoptic probe – provides overhead lighting, simplifies examination of mounted jewelry, increases resolution at high magnification, allows for gemstone surface inspections. Flexible or     self-supporting types are available.
  • Longwave and shortwave fluorescent unit – with a platform that can be raised to bring specimen closer to the light to increase the intensity of the reaction. A glass contrast control window eliminates the purple haze problem and prevents eye exposure to shortwave ultraviolet light.
  • Diamondcolor grading light source (north daylight equivalent) – is used with a white tray to construct a color-grading environment. The microscope can be used with this setup to facilitate grading of mounted goods.
  • Longwave and shortwave fluorescent unit – with a platform that can be raised to bring specimen closer to the light to increase the intensity of the reaction. A glass contrast control window eliminates the purple haze problem and prevents eye exposure to shortwave ultraviolet light.
  • Refractometer with light source – offers white and monochromatic light. Polarizing filter and refractive index liquid are included.
  • Prism Spectroscope – with illuminated wavelength scale, covered adjustable slit, slide focus, stand and methods for setting up either transmitted or reflected light.
  • Rechargeable battery pack – permits unit to operate when away from current.
  • Auto voltage input adjustment allows for operation in foreign countries.
  • Compact size (18"x 13" x 6") – conforms to FAA regulations as carry-on luggage.
  • Also includes: Leveridge Gauge, dichroscope, immersion cell, tweezers, stone holder, optic figure sphere, clear glass stage plate, frosted diffuser plate, pinpoint light attachment for fiberoptic probe




 The GemPro Portapac is a refractometer and polariscope combination that fits in a plastic case measuring 7 x 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 inchs. The GemPro Refractometer features an improved hemicylinder, achromatic lens, and monochromatic and polarizing filters. The maglite flashlight powers both the refractometer and the polariscope. The polariscope has excellent distinction and a optic figure sphere is included. Hanneman Aqua filters are like chelsea filters and excellent for screening goods. Brass measuring guage, tweezer, stonecloth, and 10X loupe also included.

Price: $975.00

Package Includes:

  • Gem Pro Refractometer with monochromatic filter, polarizing filter, contact liquid and light source. This refractometer is standard in size, easy to use and has several advanced features.
  • Gem Pro Polariscope made with the highest quality glass polarizing filters.
  • Mini Maglite - for illuminating the refractometer, polariscope, spectroscope and dichroscope. Easy access to bulbs, parts, and accessories makes this the ideal light source.
  • 10X fully corrected loupe
  • Tweezers
  • Stonecloth
  • Brass Millimeter Gauge
  • Hanneman Aqua Color filt



Standards to all microscopes listed...

 Microscope Standard Features :

  • Contemporary 360° rotation swivel base and tilt mechanism.
  • Quartz halogen lighting with our custom reflector system for superb darkfield illumination and shutter mechanism for transmitted lighting.
  • The highest intensity illumination capacity on the market.
  • Overhead fluorescent light for detecting surface features on gemstones and for grading diamonds.
  • Rheostat dial for control of illumination intensity and power.
  • Stone holder

Microscope Standard Options:

  •  Fiberoptic darkfield- Our custom fiberoptic ringlight replaces the standard reflector system providing a higher contrast darkfield.
  • Overhead fiberoptic gooseneck light guide for use with our standard darkfield system

Gempro 850 Microscope


 The GemPro 850 is a new production head that is a close cousin to the Nikon SMZ-645. All internal parts are the same as are the eyepieces. The only difference is how the eyetubes work. The zoom on this head is .8X - 5X and 10X or 15X eyepieces are available. Gem Pro Bases all come with overhead fluorescent lights and stoneholders.

GemPro SZ850:
Our preferred microscope head .7X—4.5X zoom. $2800

LEICA SZ6 Microscopes


 Leica built the SZ-6 at their Buffalo NY plant up until 2003. The zoom range of .7X - 4X can be used with a variety of eyepieces. These are well made and not a problem to work on or get parts for. We rebuild the heads to new condition.

Pricing with various optics options:
GemPro Microscope with Leica SZ-6 10X-60X $2750  

LEICA MZ6 Microscopes


 Leica makes a superior head with their MZ series microscope heads. This is a design they bought from the legendary swiss Wild company. These heads are designed differently from the other heads in that it uses a very large objective lense on the bottom. Like large lenses on cameras a large objective makes these heads brighter than other scopes. This design comes at a price as these heads retail about $2800. We have several used but excellent heads to offer so please call and see what kind of deal we have going this week!

Pricing with various optics options:
GemPro Microscope with
Leica MZ-6 head $4000

Nikon SMZ 645 Microscope


 Gem Pro Microscope bases can be fit with many Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss heads like the Nikon SMZ-645 above. Of the new microscopes on the market nikon makes the best in our opinion. The bodies are well sealed and durably built. The zoom range of .8X - 5X works well with either 10X or 15X eyepieces

Pricing with various optics options:
Nikon SMZ645: 8X-5X zoom range. Available with 10X or 15X eyepieces. $3400.00

American Optical Microscopes


 Gem Pro microscopes can come with used as well as new heads. American Optical built a microscope head in the 1970 to 1990's that is tough to beat. The AO heads came in several zoom ranges and featured all metal body construction that made them almost indestructable. When we sell these we check the internal gearing and the alignment and if these are ok they are tough to beat.

Pricing with various optics options:
GemPro Microscope Base with American Optical 570 10X-63X $2400 

GemPro 850 Trinocular MScope


 GemPro 850 microscope heads also come in a trinocular version. Cameras of different types can be attached to the trinocular port. These have the same .7X - 5X zoom range as the non trinocular version. Call us for a quote on one of these with a camera attacment.

GemPro Base with GemPro 850 trinocular head $3100

GemPro Refractometers


 GemPro refractometers are direct view type refractometers just like the duplex II that gia makes. Direct view refractometers have removeable eyepiece lenses that enable spot reading of cabachons. . Other type refractometers can't do this well because they have a different prism design. The eyepiece used on our GemPro refractometer is a special achromatic lense that gives excellent resolution when birefringence and other readings are being observed. Our hemicylinders are made of a special german glass made by Schott glass company. These hemicylinders are tough to scratch and chemicals won't bother them at all. Tarnish from the air does not happen with this type glass. Readings are almost always easier to read with monochromatic light. A slot at the back of the refractometer accommodates the monochromatic filter for sharpening RI readings and determining bi-refringence. The maglite flashlight is an excellent light source and fits in the back right behind the filter. The GemPro refractometer comes with a Polarizing front lense to aid in birefringence readings. Also included is the contact fluid.

Pricing: Price: $695.00

Packange Includes:

  • Complete with magnifier
  • Polaroid plate
  • 1.80 RI liquid
  • sodium filter and light source

Fiber Optic Illuminators

Lumina 1 High Wattage FiberOptic Illuminator 110 / 220V


 Lumina fiberoptic lights utilize 150 watt quartz halogen bulbs for maximum brightness. Different light guides attach to the front of the lamp and are locked in with a thumbscrew. The pictured light guide above has two 18 inch self supporting light guides that direct light where you want it from two directions. This is a popular option for doing photographic work. 

Lumina 1 High wattage Fiberoptic Illuminator – 110/220V


 Lumina fiberoptic units can be equiped with flexible light guides that make tasks like sorting rough much easier. This flexible 3 foot guide has metal sheathing for durablity and can be set up with detachable tips that aid use with a microscope. Pinpoints are available in 3 sizes. These units come as either 115 volt or 230 volt for overseas.

Lumina 1 High wattage Fiberoptic Illuminator – 110/220V


Lumina fiberoptic units can have double flexible light guides so two users can work on one machine. We call this double guide set-up an "Arusia special" as it's the favorite in Tanzanite country Africa. 


  •    Lumina I fiberoptic light $345.00
  •    Single flexible 3 foot light guide $135.00
  •    Double flexible 3 foot light guides $265.00
  •    Double self-supporting light guide $265.00
  •    Replacement EJA Bulb $30.00
  •    S, M, L Pinpoint attachments:  $37.50 each 

Ultra-Violet Products


UV Viewing Cabinet

C10 Cabinet Viewing box with contrast window and visor: 

for checking UV fluorescence

Pricing: Price: $295.00

UV LampsUVGL 25 LW/SW Lamp (110V or 220V) – to be used with C10 Cabinet

Pricing: Price: $400.00 

Duplex II Hemicylinder Replacement


Our GemPro refractometer has a hemicylinder that is exactly like the one used in GIA's Duplex II except we use a superior glass. We use german Schott glass that doesn't scratch easily and doesn't tarnish or get messed up from the RI fluids. For this reason we have for decades replaced the hemicylinders in duplex II refractometers. Customers can't believe the difference when they get their instruments back. This is the last hemicylinder change you'll ever need!


Price: $350.00