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When your jewelry/gem appraisal work takes you out of your store or office, there is nothing that beats the 30-year history of the Portalab's dependability and usefulness. It has been tried and tested by thousands of clients world wide. 
gem pro microscopes
GemPro Microscopes
The GemPro state-of-the-art microscope base is available in standard darkfield or our custom fiberoptic darkfield.  We offer a choice of optics.
GemPro Portapac

Small, complete gem testing kit
GemPro Refractometer
Complete with everything necessary to take accurate refractive index readings.
fiberoptic illuminator
Fiberoptic Illuminators
The source for directing maximum illumination to wherever you need it.   Available with flexible or self supporting light guides as well as various sized pinpoint illumination options.
Ultraviolet  Products
LW and SW units for detecting ultraviolet fluorescence in gemstones/gem materials.
lumi loop
Nebula Products "Lumi Loupe"
A standard 10X loupe complete with illumination.  Also available are Nebula handheld standard diamond grading light/UV and Gem Tray for gem color evaluation.
cz color grading sets

CZ Color Grading Sets
1 carat size (approximately 6.50mm round) 5-stone and 10-stone sets available in 3 color range options.

MDM digital diffraction grating spectrometer
MDM Digital Diffraction Grating Spectrometer
State-of-the-art digital diffraction grating spectrometer with dial spectrum scanner:  350 NM (3500AU) to 780 NM (7800 AU)
gem trade scale
A&D Legal for Trade Scale
gram/dwt/ozt/ct.   See full description for all features and specifications.
Hemi cylinder replacement
Duplex II Hemicylinder Replacement
Replacement of GIA GEM Hemicylinder with superior glass.
Gemological Tools and Supplies