The GemPro Portapac is a refractometer and polariscope combination that fits in a plastic case measuring 7 x 8 1/2 x 2 1/4 inchs. The GemPro Refractometer features an improved hemicylinder, achromatic lens, and monochromatic and polarizing filters. The maglite flashlight powers both the refractometer and the polariscope. The polariscope has excellent distinction and a optic figure sphere is included. Hanneman Aqua filters are like chelsea filters and excellent for screening goods. Brass measuring guage, tweezer, stonecloth, and 10X loupe also included.

Price: $975.00

 Package Includes:      

  • Gem Pro Refractometer with monochromatic filter, polarizing filter, contact liquid and light source. This refractometer is standard in size, easy to use and has several advanced features.
  • Gem Pro Polariscope made with the highest quality glass polarizing filters.
  • Mini Maglite - for illuminating the refractometer, polariscope, spectroscope and dichroscope. Easy access to bulbs, parts, and accessories makes this the ideal light source.
  • 10X fully corrected loupe
  • Tweezers
  • Stonecloth
  • Brass Millimeter Gauge
  • Hanneman Aqua Color filt