Gemological Tools & Supplies
Hanneman 5 filter set includes:
Aqua Filter for differentiating blue stones
Ruby Filter for differentiating red stones
Synthetic Emerald Filter
Synthetic Emerald "Support" filter
Bead buyer's and parcel picker's filter set

Hanneman Tanzanite Filter
Monochromatic filter for use with refractometers
Refractive index fluid for refractometers
Replacement lamps for Gempro Microscopes:
GE 790  (25 watt bulb) or GE 791 (35 watt bulb)
Verilux daylight fluorescent for overhead lights
Replacement lamps for Portalabs:
Microscope well bulb...(GE 788)
Refractometer bulb
SW fluorescent bulb
LW fluorescent bulb
Immersion cell