CZ Color Master Sets
cz color master sets Cubic Zirconia makes a good replacement for diamonds in color grading sets as well as jewelry. While CZ is an effective comparison material the using of it is hampered by the difficulty in obtaining off colors that are stable.  Building sets becomes an art of the builder. It has been our 30 year history with the sets made by Barry Ellin that prompts us to offer you these excellent color grading sets. Barry's secret is and has been that he has a pile of material and his grading ability can't be beat.  Sets come in plastic grading box.

Ellins 5-Stone Set – 1 carat size (D,F,H,J,L) or (E,G,I,K, M)
Price: $275.00

Ellins 10-Stone Set – 1 carat (approx. 6.50mm round) (D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M)
Price: $495.00

Nebula Hand Held Diamond Grading Light/UV light – reversible white/black tray, AA batteries
Price: $75.00