MDM Digital Diffraction
Grating Spectrometer


Price: $1750.00

Direct Vision Diffraction Grating Gemological Digital Spectroscope

This instrument has the following features that make it superior to any similar device available to the working gemologist.
  • High efficiency diffraction grating that creates an easily viewed separation of the violet to red end of the visible spectrum.
  • Precision adjustable spring loaded slit that allows the user to optimize the viewing of the spectrum.
  • A fixed reticle that allows the user to read the spectral wavelength of interest. The reticle is lit by ambient light which enables the user to easily see what portion of the spectrum is being viewed.
  • The direct view optics has a wide field eyepiece which magnifies the spectrum. It includes focusing dials to enable the user to focus both the spectrum and the reticle.
  • A hand operated dial that scans the spectrum between 350 to 780 nanometers.
  • A digital display that gives the user an accurate reading of the wavelength being viewed.